Finding Your Highest Level Of Performance 

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Our Mission

Complete Performance System’s mission is to empower others to find their highest level of performance through our personally tailored coaching and programming. Our coaches have a diverse background of experience in exercise physiology, physical therapy, sports performance and powerlifting.


What We Offer

Online Coaching
Team Programming
Ebooks & Programs

Our online coaching offers personalized programming via our mobile training app. Receive new training every 4 weeks with our auto renew service. We offer training adjustments based on athlete progress and feedback and form critique. With the mobile app you are able to stay in constant communication with your coach. You also receive a monthly video call to discuss your training.

Our online team programming offers programming via our mobile training app that can be distributed to every player on a team. This allows for every team member to readily have the workout available to them and have adjustments made based on individual athlete progress all while being on the same program. We also recommend athlete groups for a smooth training environment based on athlete experience levels and performance. 

Our Ebooks and stock programs are great for athletes looking to gain understanding on in depth topics an enahnce their performance with a stock detailed plan.


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CPS Discord Channel

Join our community of coaches, athletes and teammates. Receive guidence and enjoy talking about topics related to sports, training and nutrition.

Advanced Training App

Our services are available on advanced mobile platforms that are designed specifically for training and nutrition. This allows for our athletes to have their plans available to them anywhere and allows for realtime training logs and data tracking.


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