Duluth Minnesota

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Upon purchasing, you will be able to access the Team CPS subpage under coaching. This will direct you to two forms. One will ask about training information, while the other will help us understand how much volume you can handle. Upon opening the forms included, you will be prompted to answer questions about your goals, schedule, historic training history, equipment you have available and barriers to exercise.

Once you complete both of these forms, our team will receive a notification. From there we will reach out to you, welcoming you to the team. We will also ask you any further questions we may have based on your answers to the forms.

Once we have a complete understanding of your goals, we will begin making your program. Our programming is completely tailored to you. With this please allow up to 7 days to completely finish your program. We will keep you updated through the whole process.

When we complete your program. You will receive an email with a PDF of your program as well as a link to your Google Drive folder. This will allow you to have access to your programming with ease. Receiving your programming online will allow you to view it from anywhere with service. You can also leave comments and track your training history. By having a live document, through communication with your assigned coach, we will be able to adjust your program throughout as need be.