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  • Tyler Hakamaki

Exploring Exercise Slot Assignment

The strength expression protocol leverages primary, secondary and tertiary exercise orders. The specificity of the exercise to the goal of the program determines its classification and when it is used throughout the cycles. With primary being the most specific down to tertiary.

By setting upper, lower, or total as each having primary days, each one gets to be the focus for the day, while having accessory movements to complement it throughout the week.

An example of how exercise manner is applied throughout strength expression protocol based on slot assignment (primary, secondary, tertiary)

Primary: Heavy lifts

Secondary: isometrics and eccentrics

Tertiary: Oscillatory and high sport

Now this would likely not be the best exercise order if the above list was for one body part or muscle group but by having each slot assignment a different exercise manner while rotating which group (upper, lower, total) is in each slot throughout the week, every group hits it's daily exercise slot as a different manner each day.

Can you completely isolate the adaptations by the manner the exercises are done? No, but having structure for exercise selection, order of exercises and the manner they are performed provide variation in training outside purely intensity, volume, and frequency.

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