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  • Tyler Hakamaki

Modifiable training factors

Ways to modify and apply variation in resistance training.

Exercise selection: Choosing which exercises will be done. Considerations include; Goals, time constraints, equipment constraints, athlete experience & inexperience & injury status.

Order & manner of exercises: How you arrange and perform the exercises you have selected. Some options include: Main exercises, auxiliary exercises, Multi-joint, single joint, large muscle groups, small muscle group, splits based on body area, compound sets, super sets, triset, giant set.. etc. ..

Intensity / Load: How much weight is being used (RM, %, RPE, Etc..)

Frequency: Number of training sessions per week. Can also be how many microcycles are performed per time period (ex: 0.5x 1x, 2x.. Etc.)

Volume: How many repetitions are performed during a workout. This is calculated by (sets x reps) = total number of repetitions.

Rest periods: How long of a break between different exercises or same exercises (sets).

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