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Podcast Takeaways - Episode 1: Jake Tuura

Complete Performance Systems Podcast Episode 1: Jake Tuura - Takeaways

Do slow movement for health & fast movement for performance.

  • Lift heavy & do long holds for health. Run, jump, cut, oscillatory movements & play your sport for performance.

Want healthy tendons? Then do long eccentrics and isometrics.

Isometrics provide an analgesic effect that lasts for about 45 to 60 Minutes.

  • If you have some pain prior to training, hold an isometric for pain relief.

Train the tendon for 10 minutes and it adapts. Then it takes a 6 hour refractory period. Train it again 6 hours later.

  • Train tendons for 10 minutes before any other exercise. After adapting for 10 minutes, the tendon has a 6 hour refractory period.

Do one legged stands - it connects the ankle & the glute.

  • Perform single legged stands prior to training.

For seasonal sport athletes, we shouldn't put a ton of investment into isolated physical abilities.

If you want to get better at your sport, play your sport.

There are so many aspects of sports that you can't stimulate in the weight room. Don’t try to make everything in the weight room fit the sport.

When training why do we have to make it be so specific? Can’t we be general in the weight room to increase general abilities and then go and play sports.

  • Specificity to get better at your sport, general training for fitness.

We can't assume let's do all the weight room stuff and then it will transfer to sport because it won't.

Trying to que an athlete to work on movement mechanics does nothing for sport. We are kidding ourselves if we think practicing snap downs in an isolated environment will represent & carry over to how they play in the game.

Listen to this episode with Jake Tuura to get his thoughts on these topics below.

In this episode Jake dives deep into training for tendon health & performance, implementing isometrics and eccentrics, dunking, general training outside of sport and if there really is such a thing as bad mechanics & poor movement quality.

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