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  • Tyler Hakamaki

Progressing beltless warmups

I believe that many of us have an arbitrary number in our mind that we all subconsciously put a belt on for. This number will vary greatly from person to person. One very simple way to consciously increase the weight at which you start putting your belt on at is to adjust it to your one rep max. For example take the weight that you put your belt on and divide it by your current one rep max. Use this percent that you get and apply it for when you hit a new one rep max. You will now have a new arbitrary number to put your belt on during your warm ups.

This is just a very simple progression to use for increasing your beltless warm up weight. A couple considerations to take would be:

  • One rep maxes might be hard to come by & subsequently your beltless warmup number doesn't change by much &/or often.

  • Stress is required for adaptation. x pound increases in when you put your belt on for warmups likely isn’t going to have you smashing outright beltless PRs.

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