Reflexive Performance Reset

Empowering athletes to take control of their own performance. 


"Your body has two priorities: to breathe and to move. To perform at our best, we need to do both properly. In a world of constant stress, our bodies find a way to meet those priorities by creating harmful compensation patterns." - RPR®

There are many Inhibitive factors of the nervous system. Being under constant life stress, your body prioritizes survival over performance. Bioelectricity underpins everything in the nervous system. When a muscle is weak or injured it has an altered bioelectric charge. RPR® is just controlling the electricity of your body - your nervous system. 

RPR® wake up drills™ "use special reflex points that reset your body out of these harmful compensation patterns." 

Allowing athletes to learn and apply these wake up drills™ themselves empowers them to take control of their performance. 

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Have one of our team members manual reset you

$35 / Person 

$30 / Person (Group 2-3)

$25 / Person (Group 4-5)

implement RPR to sports team

Have one of our team members teach your team how to implement RPR and empower themselves

1-2 Teams

$450 Per team

3-4 Teams

$350 Per team

5+ Teams

$250 / Per team

individual rpr implementation

Have one of our team members teach you how to implement RPR and empower yourself

1-2 People

$150 / Person

3-4 People

$100 / Person

5+ People

$75 / Person

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